New FriXion Fineliner

NEW Erasable Writing Pen

FriXion Fineliner, keep the best, erase the rest

Keep the best, erase the rest!

Take Pilot’s market-leading erasable ink technology and combine it with a precise felt-tip handwriting pen and what do you have? The Pilot FriXion Fineliner.

No longer do you need to worry if you make a mistake adding colour and diagrams to your notes and course materials. With the FriXion Fineliner you can write, draw, colour, ERASE and then start again.

Simply rub out your mistakes with the eraser stud and watch the ink disappear as if by magic! The unique ink responds to the heat generated by the rubbing out, and lets you write over your mistake immediately again.

For younger writers, it’s the perfect alternative to a pencil and a great first step into writing with ink. Also, the ink is non-permanent so can be removed by washing or with a hot iron.

Available in up to 12 colours there's a FriXion Fineliner for everyone!

1.3mm fibre tip gives a 0.45mm fine line.

Where to buy the new Pilot FriXion Fineliner?

Buy online at Cult Pens
Buy online at Cult Pens
Buy FriXion Fineliner online or in-store at Ryman Stationery
Buy online or in-store at Ryman Stationery
Buy in store at WH Smith