Pilot V Board Master S Whiteboard Marker

WBMA-VS-EF-BG PILOT V-BOARD MASTER S EXTRA FINE. Building on the popularity of Pilot’s V-BOARDMASTER is its smaller stable mate, the V-BOARDMASTER S. This slimmer version produces the same vivid coloured, smooth flowing liquid ink which can be easily erased from all types of whiteboard surfaces using a cloth, but in a much more convenient pocket or pencil case friendly package. The unique twin-pipe feeder system delivers exceptional writing performance right down to the last drop. Manufactured from 80% recycled plastic and containing no xylene or similar solvents. The V-BOARDMASTER S uses a durable Polyacetal fibre tip and is refillable with simple to use cartridges, meaning that one V-BOARD MASTER S lasts much longer than other markers. Available in black, blue & red all with integral erasers mounted on the caps. 3.5mm tip gives a 1.3mm extra-fine line.